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sound reinforcement basics

2022世界杯附加赛决赛 offers education on sound system reinforcement basics, such as how to avoid feedback and 乐鱼官网在线登录 distortion.

avoiding feedback

feedback (the shriek sometimes emitted by pa systems) occurs when the microphone (or pickup) and speaker are positioned too close together for a given level of volume. once feed back occurs, it will continue until either the volume is decreased or the microphone or speaker is moved. gain is the degree to which the volume may be turned up before feedback begins. in setting up a sound system, the objective is to maximize gain.

monitor placement

• hot spot monitors should be positioned within arm’s reach of the performer.
• monitors should be placed to the rear of the microphone being used by the performer.

avoiding distortion

distortion in a monitor system usually occurs when the amplifier is being over-driven, nearing the limits of its power output capability. over-driving the amplifier may be corrected by reducing the bass frequencies in the monitor mix (low notes use a lot of power). since the hot spot neolite s5n driver will not reproduce tones lower than 200 hz, reduce the low frequencies if the speaker begins to distort. distortion may also originate with a bad signal source.

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